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N° spécial 40 years of exchange interactions

par Guillaume Chastanet - publié le

Dear colleague and dear friend,

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Professor Michel Verdaguer, some of his former coworkers organized a day of science and conviviality on 19th january in Paris.

In the same spirit, we would like to gather scientific contributions in a special Issue of Comptes Rendus Chimie entitled « 40 years of exchange interactions ». Indeed, we feel that Comptes Rendus Chimie of the French Academy of Sciences, with an old and prestigious tradition of scientific communication, is a most appropriate medium for this purpose and its Editor-in-Chief has already given his enthusiastic support.

A special issue of Comptes rendus Chimie celebrated a few years ago promising young scientists in the field of molecular magnetism, including the first laureates of the International Olivier Kahn Award. A long time ago M. Verdaguer published his first chemical articles in this journal. We hope that you will be able to join us with a contribution to this issue and we thank you in advance.


Valérie Marvaud, Anne Bleuzen, Cyrille Train